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This story is being told as accurately as I remember it. I’m a journalist, so I know fact from fiction, and conjecture from reality. I’m going to try to stay as close to the truth as I can recall.

Anyone who knows me is also aware that I’m a good storyteller. But, to tell you the truth, were I to have made this up, I would have created a better story.

Toward the end of this past August I faced my upcoming 60th birthday on September 1. For the good part of a decade I had planned a major party…

Dachshunds do make important appearances in movies. The following has lists of 10 movies featuring Dachshunds broken up by categories. These are excerpted from Long & Short Lists of Dachshund Fun Facts: Best Cities, Names, Movies & More About Your Wiener Dog (both on Kindle and paperback).

In the opening scenes of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Man Who Knew Too Much, a girl is chasing her Dachshund named Betty onto a ski run.

It almost causes a runaway skier to hit the dog, and the girl scolds the “silly little dog.” The skier is soon murdered.

One of the…

By Mickey Skee

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A rugged fisherman took me out on his rowboat to the middle of a lake, grabbed my oar and pole, and ordered me to take my clothes off.

I was mildly attracted to him, but I thought he was completely heterosexual, and I really did thought we were out there only to fish.

“We talked about going out alone on the boat together, right?” he asked

“Yeah,” I said.

“I told you we were going to be on a lake alone with no one around,” he added.

“Yes, sure, but — “

“And then, you got into…

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Donovan with the puppies, Charly is on the right

This is a true story about our Dachshund puppy, Charly, and our beloved Australian Shepherd, Miki. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is exactly what happened.

(I originally wrote this only a few days after it happened.)

Charly is a girl pup, the runt of a three-dog litter only five weeks ago by our rare all-black Dachshund named Dora. (When you present a boy with a girl puppy and ask him to name her, these days you’ll most likely get something like Dora, as in “Dora the Explorer.”)

The daddy is named Rex (but actually his name was Zorro when we first…

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I love Dachshunds and I love ghost stories, so I was delighted to find out there are some ghost stories involving Dachshunds.

After writing about my own Electronic Voice Phenomena with my dead Dachshund, I was told about other ghost stories involving the long squat canine.

In the book Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest, there’s a story about a woman named Marsha Moore who moved into a house in Walla Walla, Washington and she quickly realized that the house was haunted. How?

Well, one night she saw her Dachshund named Gretchen levitating in the stairwell.

“She just started floating…

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I don’t believe in ghosts, at least I haven’t been totally convinced of them, even though I am a skeptical member of the UFO & Paranormal Activity Research Society (formerly the Mutual UFO Network) and go to monthly meetings there to learn and hear about psychic and paranormal phenomena.

I’ve lost two Dachshunds that I was particularly close to, Rudi and Pepe, and have written about them in the past. With four other Dachshunds now at my home, Pepe and Rudi aren’t always on my mind, but are always in my heart.

But then, there was that very odd time…

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How does it happen that as we get older we seem to catch up to our parents?

At some point we seem to pass them up and seem older than them. And, the older we get it’s amazing how many things we ignore, or conveniently forget, about how difficult it was growing up with each other. Maybe we get closer because one of us realizes the other isn’t going to be around too much longer.

All that stuff is past and doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe it’s because all that stuff never really mattered ever.

I have a great relationship with…

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The droplets stung like gentle mosquito bites when he flung that little round ball, like a baby rattle, over our heads. Father Smolinski then bowed in front of each of us, all lined up in the green linoleum hallway, and dipped his thumb in the gold cup. He waved a wet sign of the cross on each of our foreheads.

Shelly cried quietly, Wayne looked like he was about to, Diane and Dotty had wide red eyes, Butchy looked over at me and giggled. I did too, but my hand was shaking and Butchy couldn’t stop tapping his left foot.

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He cut through the park to get to Fuller Street, scurrying past the hunched Russian with the captain’s cap selling wilted lettuce and soft apples from the back of his Isuzu pickup. Heinrich smirked at the vendor, who tipped his cap.

Although they never ever exchanged more than a few words, they shared a lifetime of past secrets.

Selling fruit and vegetables in the park is illegal, both gentlemen knew, but whenever the cops tried to boot out the vendor he lapsed into his native tongue and pretended not to understand. …

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By Mike Szymanski

Just after my 6th birthday in September 1966 I saw my first “Star Trek” show on a black-and-white TV in Brooklyn. I became totally entranced. I knew that Hollywood created this unique TV show just for me.

The crew included a variety of creatures: the stunningly gorgeous Lt. Uhura who made my heart pound whenever there was a hazy close-up of her; the grumpy wise-cracking Dr. …

Mike Szymanski

Journalist, writer, activist and bisexual, living with Multiple Sclerosis and Dachshunds in Hollywood.

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