‘Implanted’ Instills Chills About What We Put Inside Us(Movie Review)

Mike Szymanski
3 min readNov 10, 2021


By Mike Szymanski


Rating: 9/10

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZA4BSoUqks

Director & Writer: Fabien Dufils

Writer: David Bourgie

Style: Sci Fi/Thriller

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Implanted-255036938437042

There’s another movie that seems similar to this called “Upgrade” that the “Saw” mastermind wrote and directed, but I liked this version a lot better.

Machines taking over the minds of humans is nothing new. But the sweet and direct female voice of LEXX in “Implanted” makes HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey” seem like a friendly Disney character.

The film kicks off with a guy seeming like he is crazy, running through the streets covered in blood. But, it’s unclear who is running from, or what he wants.

This is set three years after the pandemic, and a desperate group of people who need money are agreeing to allow a company implant chips inside them that have a voice that talks to them. At first, it seems all benign. LEXX tells you when your heart is beating too fast, or tells you what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

But then, LEXX gets a bit too personal. She tells you what people you should or shouldn’t be socializing with, and tells you where you should be going and how you should be spending your time.

Michelle Girolami plays the lead of Sarah haunted by the LEXX program

Michelle Girolami is spectacular as Sarah, the short-cropped down-on-her luck gal who has resorted to getting a chip installed. The chip asks her personal questions so that it could better serve the human, and Sarah answers.

“My mom is my everything,” Sarah says. That kind of information can be used against her.

Director Fabien Dufils came up with this idea after five years working in broadcast documentaries for BBC and became fascinated by nanotechnology and scientific implants. He was particularly excited about an implant used in Sweden the could detect cholesterol and diabetes. Health “bots” were becoming a reality and he wrote about it with co-writer David Bourgie.

This small film that was shot just before the Covid pandemic and takes us from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Paris, while Sarah is trying to escape LEXX, or acquiesce to her. The film was finished up while everyone was in quarantine, and the name of the film was changed from “Headache” to “Implant.”

This film now on VOD as well as Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play. It won many international awards already, including Best Cinematography at the Paris Cinema Awards also honors from the New York International Film Awards, Shockfest and many others.

It’s a thrilling trip that you won’t regret going on.




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